When should I update my hearing aids?

Continual technological improvements are a great benefit to hearing instruments. That also means that older hearing aid models may not offer newer, more beneficial features that have been developed. That being said, not all older hearing aid models need to be updated, as your current models might be functioning well for your specific needs. If you have noticed changes in … Read More

A Brief History of Hearing Loss

About 466 million people worldwide have disabling hearing loss, by a World Health Organization estimate. They also predict that by 2050 the number will grow to over 900 million. Hearing impaired and deaf communities around the world range from those who use hearing aids and rely on lip-reading, to those who use sign language of various forms. There are two … Read More

Untreated hearing loss in the USA costs $133 billion each year

[Untreated hearing loss comes with a number of risks, both in terms of health and emotional wellbeing. When people choose leave their hearing loss untreated, they are risking their relationships, careers, and health. These costs not only affect the quality of one’s life but also could have financial implications. The Cost of Hearing Loss A new study from Brussels, Belgium … Read More

Addressing Hearing Loss in Older Adults

[Hearing loss is one of the most common and most significant health challenges facing older adults. One in three people over the age of 65 and half of those over 85 have some degree of difficulty hearing. This “invisible disability” can have major effects on a senior’s quality of life, on their relationships, and on their physical and mental health. … Read More

The Differences between Hearing Aids and PSAPs

[If you have recently been diagnosed with hearing loss, you may be concerned about the price tag of a new hearing aid. Certain types of hearing aids can be quite expensive, and some people may avoid seeking out getting fitted with one or even seeking treatment and look to other alternatives. One such alternative is called Personal Sound Amplification Products … Read More

Celebrate World Hearing Day on March 3 by Checking Your Hearing!

World Hearing Day is a campaign held each year by Office of Prevention of Blindness and Deafness of the World Health Organization (WHO). Activities take place across the entire globe and an event at WHO’s headquarter in Geneva is held each year on March 3rd. The campaign’s objective is to share information and promote actions towards the prevention of hearing … Read More

Surprising Links to Hearing Loss

\Hearing loss occurs when one or more parts of the ear and/or the parts of the brain that make up the hearing pathway do not function normally. The causes of hearing loss come in many forms and can have multiple causes with each individual having a unique type of hearing loss. An estimated 48 million Americans have some level of … Read More

Symptoms of Memory Loss Could Actually Be Hearing Loss

Most people view ailments like hearing loss, failing memory, and dementia as normal consequences of aging. There is a growing body of research that shows this is incorrect. While many of our systems begin to diminish in function as we age, too much reduction leads to disorders and bigger medical issues, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. Fortunately, there are things … Read More

Hearing Loss Affects More than Your Ears

Statistics show that approximately 48 million Americans face some form of hearing loss. Hearing loss has a vast range of consequences, the most obvious being the reduced ability to hear. Sadly, it usually takes someone 5-7 years before seeking treatment for their hearing loss, and to go untreated for that long not only impacts years of clear communication, but it … Read More

Hearing Loss Has Been Linked to Premature Death

Approximately one in three people in the United States between the ages of 65 and 74 face hearing loss, and nearly half of those older than 75 have difficulty hearing, and age-related hearing loss is quite common. Not only does it impact one’s hearing, it is also a debilitating condition that leads to isolation and declines in overall health and … Read More