Three Reasons to Upgrade Your Hearing Aids

“Immediate difference in clarity.” “The quality and performance is really beyond anything I’ve seen.” “Patients have experienced a significant improvement in sound quality when comparing hearing aids, even to recent technology.” “Patients have noticed improvement when listening to music and improvement for clarity of softer voices.” The above are just a few things people have said after trying the latest … Read More

Hearing Loss and US Veterans

Audibel Louisiana - Hearing Loss and US Veterans

Most of the folks walking around with hearing aids today don’t know that much of their technological advancement is because of World War II. Much of the cutting-edge technology developed in wartime was later implemented in the audiological field. Moreover, many soldiers returning from the war with substantial hearing loss due to warfare innovation that increased volumes of machines and … Read More

For National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, Get Your Hearing Tested

For National Alzheimer's Awareness Month, Get Your Hearing Tested

A Taiwanese study “Age-related hearing loss and dementia: a 10-year national population based study” found that the risk of dementia was significantly higher among those with an age-related hearing loss compared to those who did not report hearing loss. Published in the European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology in 2017, the study examined a large and diverse population group to reach these … Read More

Know Your Rights: Advocating for People with Hearing Loss

Know Your Rights: Advocating for People with Hearing Loss

In September 2017, Oklahoma City police shot and killed Magdiel Sanchez, a deaf man, “even though he was not a suspect for any crime, was not breaking any laws, and was standing in his own front yard with his trusted walking stick.” According to Mr. Sanchez’s family attorneys, Mr. Sanchez “was completely deaf and also developmentally disabled.” While neighbors tried … Read More

Sleeping During Takeoff & Landing Could Harm Your Hearing

Sleeping During Takeoff & Landing Could Harm Your Hearing

Are you a frequent flyer? Then you’re no stranger to the plugged feeling in your ears that can be uncomfortable during take-off and landing. But if you fly often, be careful. You may be collecting more than airline reward miles. Did you know that flying may pose a risk to your hearing? When you fly, your ears often feel plugged, … Read More

Preparing for Emergencies with Hearing Aids

Preparing for Emergencies with Hearing Aids

Although no one likes thinking about it, emergencies can and do happen. Extreme situations can develop quickly and have a devastating impact. Being prepared can make all the difference when it comes to getting through a disaster. If you have hearing loss, this involves making some special preparations to make sure you keep in the loop and stay safe. The … Read More

Why Are Restaurants So Loud?

Audibel Louisiana - Why Are Restaurants So Loud

You’re not simply more sensitive to restaurant noise just because of your hearing loss diagnosis. In fact, volumes in restaurants have been rising nationwide for some time now. The New York Times reports that noise levels in New York City restaurants can reach up to 99 decibels, which is louder than the volume produced by a lawnmower. Compare those levels … Read More

Why Do Our Ears Pop On the Plane?

Audibel Louisiana - Why Do Our Ears Pop On the Plane

Do your ears ever pop on the plane? During takeoff or landing you might feel a block or pain in your ears. You might not even be able to hear what the person sitting next to you is saying! This may be frightening, but after a yawn or two, you feel a pop and your ears unblock. Have you even … Read More

New Research on the Link Between Hearing Loss and Dementia

Audibel Louisiana - New Research on the Link Between Hearing Loss and Dementia

Hearing loss affects over 37 million Americans. Of these, many choose to live with hearing loss for many years without seeking treatment. Perhaps hearing devices seem like a big investment, or you think your hearing loss really isn’t that bad. However, you may have gotten used to hearing with hearing loss, which could be harmful to your overall health and … Read More

University of Louisiana Research on Sea Anemones & Hearing Loss


Sometimes innovation can spring from the most unlikely of sources. For years, damage to the fine hair cells of the inner ear has been seen as an irreparable injury to hearing. Now, researchers at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette, have found a breakthrough possibility for hair cell repair in the biology of sea anemones. Making the jump from sea anemones … Read More