Common Misconceptions about Hearing Aids


Although hearing aids have been shown to significantly improve quality of life for those with hearing loss, many people who could benefit from these devices do not wear them. This is due in part to some common misconceptions and fears that people have about wearing hearing aids. If you think you might be suffering from hearing loss and could benefit … Read More

Improving Family Communication with Hearing Loss


When your family member has a hearing loss, and even the smallest of communications becomes a difficult task, it is normal to feel frustrated, ignored, and even resentful. Your hard of hearing loved one is also feeling the stress of this strained communication, with the added difficulty of having to work extra hard to understand you. It is no doubt … Read More

Modern Technology May Be Damaging Your Hearing


As a society, we have become reliant on a staggering number of technological devices for communication, work, and entertainment. These devices make life more enjoyable and convenient, but are not without their disadvantages. Several reports show that our heavy use of technology is contributing to early onset hearing loss, as evidenced by a rise in the use of hearing aids … Read More

Foods That Support Better Hearing


A well-balanced diet is one of the most important factors in maintaining good health. As we get older, doctors tell us to cut back on sugars and fats, and incorporate more whole foods into our diets. Heart disease and arthritis are the two most common medical conditions in the US; both conditions can be managed with changes in our diet. … Read More

The Connection Between Diabetes and Hearing Loss


As with other physical, medical conditions, hearing loss may occur with comorbidities. A comorbidity is the simultaneous presence of two chronic diseases, or the presence of one or more additional disorders occurring simultaneously with a primary disorder. Comorbidities of hearing loss include cardiovascular disease, dementia, balance disorders, and diabetes. While the connections between hearing loss and dementia, and hearing loss … Read More

It’s the Season of Outdoor Festivals! Don’t Forget Your Earplugs


Repetitive, aggressive noises can do permanent damage to your hearing. For this reason, extensive regulations exist to protect employees’ ears in loud work environments. But what about the repetitive, aggressive noises we subject our sensitive auditory systems to during our leisure time? As the summer outdoor festival season approaches, don’t forget to be sensitive to the potential damage lurking in … Read More

Tips to Improve Your Hearing Aid Experience


Despite the ever increasing research covering the many benefits of hearing aid use, as well as the damaging effects of untreated hearing loss – many sufferers still do not treat hearing loss with hearing aids. On average, Americans wait approximately seven to ten years from the time they first begin to notice changes in their hearing to the time they … Read More

Why is Hearing Loss a Public Health Concern?


When we think of public health issues, hearing loss may not be the first thing that comes to mind. There are much more maligned diseases in the news, from Zika virus to Ebola. In our everyday lives here in Louisiana, and the United States, hearing loss is actually the third most common medical condition. A recent article in The Hearing … Read More

Hearing devices, social inclusion and technological advances in Louisiana


May is Better Speech and Hearing Month! Every May, the American-Speech-Language Association (ASHA) creates resources for people to use in order to promote awareness about communication disorders. The theme this May is “Communication: The Key to Connection”. Several resources to promote this campaign are available on their website, as well as information about ASHA’s involvement in life-altering treatments. ASHA is … Read More

Loud Noises Could Do More Damage Than You Think


The sounds of traffic, a garbage truck reversing, power tools, blenders and hairdryers – what do all of these everyday noises have in common? They could all damage your hearing. Hearing loss can be the result of a variety of things, including age, infection, head trauma or – one of the most common causes of hearing loss – exposure to … Read More