Common Hearing Aid Problems (and how to fix them)

Hearing aids of today are quite durable. They can withstand daily use from people with even the most active lifestyles. While resilient, modern hearing aids are also tiny machines that are packed with incredible power. Hearing aids require consistent at-home and in-office cleaning, maintenance and TLC to continue working properly. Even with proper care are maintenance, you may still experience some periodic issues with your hearing aids. That is why we have compiled this helpful list of some of the most commonly reported hearing aid issues, and what you can do about them.

Hearing aids that aren’t loud enough.

If you’ve noticed your hearing aids are not amplifying sounds at a satisfactory level, it can be really frustrating and annoying. You have hearing aids – but you still can’t hear! If your hearing aids seem too quiet, there are many steps you can take.

First, check the settings on your hearing aids. They may be accidentally turned down low or programmed for a different setting than you are in.

If this does not work, then manually inspect your hearing aids for any wax buildup that may be present on the ear bud or in the plastic tubing. If you have an at-home cleaning kit, use it and try again.

If the aids are still too quiet, reach out to your hearing healthcare professional. You may need a small part replaced such as tubing or wires. It may also be a matter of simply adjusting the settings of your hearing aids. Some modern aids are even able to be adjusted remotely by your audiologist – without the need for an appointment or office visit.

Hearing aids that are too loud.

Most often, this happens when people are first adjusting to their new hearing aids. As your brain gets used to hearing sounds again, they can seem extremely loud and even bothersome. Knowing this in the beginning will avoid a lot of frustration. If your aids are new, bear with it for a while. Practice wearing your hearing aids when you are in the quietest places, and increase your use from there.

Hearing aids that are not producing any sound at all.

If your hearing aid isn’t producing any sound at all, there is most likely an issue with the battery. If it has been a while since you replaced the battery in your hearing aid, try this first. (If your aids are rechargeable, give them some time on their charger and then try again).

When inserting the battery, know that most hearing aids are triggered to turn on when the batter door is shut tight. If you are struggling to close the door, the battery is most likely upside-down. Flip the battery over and try again.

If this does not help, manually inspect for earwax buildup, carefully clean your aids and try again.

If you still are not hearing any sound, try switching between programs and volume settings, and make sure your volume isn’t turned all the way down. If all of this does not help, reach out to us at Audibel, as there might be a more serious issue at work and your aids may be in need of repair.

Hearing aids that produce distorted sounds.

If you are hearing distorted sounds from your hearing aids, the batteries are most likely corroded. Check your batteries as well as the battery “contacts” – the little metal prongs that touch the battery when it is inserted. If these are corroded too, try cleaning them and using a brand-new battery.

If this does not work, check to see if you may have accidentally toggled your aids to telecoil mode. If you are in telecoil mode and not using it, it can cause distorted sounds to come through.

If neither of these actions help, you may need to bring your hearing aid in for repair with our team at Audibel.

Hearing aids that are whistling or producing feedback noise.

If your hearing aids are whistling or giving you feedback sounds, remove them and reinsert them. Oftentimes, the problem occurs when the aids are not perfectly placed into your ears. If this does not help, check to see if you have excess ear wax built up on your ear canals. This can also cause distorted sounds.

Hearing Aid Repairs at Audibel

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