Introducing the Starkey Livio AI

Starkey Hearing Technologies has recently unveiled their new Livio AI – a revolution in hearing aid functionality. What makes the new Livio AI stand out is its ability to use artificial technology to track users’ brain and body health as well as its ability to translate speech from multiple languages. In addition to the new technologies, the Starkey Livio AI provides the same level of sound quality one can expect from a modern Starkey device. The Starkey Livio AI comes in two styles, BTE (behind-the-ear), and RIC (receiver-in-canal).

Starkey Livio AI Features

The Livio AI stands for the Livio Artificial Intelligence. This hearing aid definitely lives up to its name because it is power-packed with amazing and advanced technology. The Livio AI is considered the “first ever hearing aid to feature integrated sensors and artificial intelligence”, according to Starkey. Working together, the sensors and AI technology are able to track a wearer’s overall wellbeing, including social, cognitive, and physical health. Using the integrated sensors, the hearing aids monitor the wearer’s activities, movement, exercise and even level of caloric burn. This information is sent to the associated Thrive app, which then determines a wearer’s daily Body Score.

The Livio AI is not only able to track a user’s physical health, but their cognitive health as well. Based on the amount of time a wearer uses their hearing aids per day, the amount of time they spend socializing and active listening, the Thrive app will also provide an individualized daily Brain Score. The Brain Score combined with the Body Score will calculate a wearer’s overall Thrive Wellness Score. Using the information collected and the Thrive Wellness Score, the innovative app will also offer suggestions to help the wearer stay on track with their daily physical and cognitive health goals.

The Thrive app is also able to help users communicate with people who speak other languages. Using the app, these hearing aids are able to quickly detect and translate speech from 27 languages including Chinese, Spanish, Hungarian and Thai.

Livio AI hearing aids are also fully wireless. These hearing aids can instantly stream music, movies or phone calls from your smart TV, tablet or cell phone. Livio AI hearing aids are compatible with both Apple and Android devices.

On top of this technology, the Livio AI also includes all the features we have grown to expect out of Starkey devices including their Hearing Reality(tm), wind reduction, music enhancement, and tinnitus treatment therapies. Hearing Reality(tm) technology is able to more closely mimics natural hearing and makes listening to speech in noisy environments easier and more enjoyable.

Livio Recognized as an AARP “Caregiver Smart Tool”

AARP recently compiled a list of devices that fuse health and technology to make caregiving easier. This year, Livio AI hearing aids were included in the lineup. AARP most notable recognized the Livio AI devices for their ability to track a wearer’s physical and cognitive health, its ability to translate into many languages, and also its technology that will recognize and notify the authorities if they sense the wearer has fallen. AARP believes that the combination of these technologies will make caregiving for people with hearing loss easier, because there will be less miscommunication, and more data on health and wellness practices of the individual.

To read the full article and learn about all the innovative technologies that made the “Caregiver Smart Tool” list, visit AARPs website here.

Are Livio AI Hearing Aids Right for You?

If you are interested in learning more about the features and technologies included in Livio AI hearing aids, reach out to one of our friendly team members today. At Audibel, we take the time to fully understand your unique needs and preferences, and combine this with your hearing profile and prescription to help you find the hearing aids that are right for you. Whether the Livio AI hearing aids are right for you or not, we look forward to an opportunity to work with you on your journey to better hearing and an improved quality of life.