What to expect during a hearing test


Has it been difficult for you lately to make out what people are saying? Do sounds sound muffled when they used to be clear? If you believe you’ve been experiencing changes in your hearing, it is important to schedule a hearing exam as soon as possible! In the US, approximately 48 million Americans experience some degree of hearing loss. Despite … Read More

Talking to a Loved One about Hearing Loss


These days, communication happens almost at light speed. It is no surprise that with major advancements in technology, a faster pace of communication has become the norm in our lives. As a result, we might overlook the difficulties some of our loved ones may experience on a daily basis. Hearing loss affects one in three people age 65 and older, … Read More

How to Identify the Signs of Hearing Loss


Unlike our other senses, our sense of hearing is always on, picking up sounds from inside our homes to traffic outside our window and beyond. Because it is an invisible sense, many of us take our hearing for granted. Hearing helps us situate ourselves within our environment and connect to people around us. Hearing loss often occurs gradually, which means … Read More