Add an Annual Hearing Test To Your New Year’s Resolutions!

As the saying goes, “new year, new you.” The beginning of the year is a time when we all make resolutions to better ourselves. There’s a long list to choose from: breaking bad habits, saving more money, losing weight, improving our diets, traveling more, or learning a new skill. But how often do we include managing our hearing health as … Read More

A Link Between Hearing Loss and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Hearing loss has been linked with a number of different medical conditions, with dementia at the forefront. The correlation lies in the social consequences of untreated hearing loss: when people struggle to communicate, they tend to withdraw from their friends and loved ones. Social isolation is cited as a leading risk factor for developing dementia. New studies have shown that … Read More

Hearing Aid Features that Support a Modern Lifestyle

Gone are the days of the clunky, whistling hearing aids that you may remember from previous generations. Just as laptop, cell phones, music players and other electronic devices have become ergonomic, stream-lined, smart, and fast, hearing aids have undergone something of a renaissance in the past few years. Hearing aid manufacturers have taken feedback from consumers and hearing health providers … Read More

Great Things to Hear This Holiday Season in Louisiana

The holiday season is filled with timeless classics – charming theater productions, symphony experiences, the ballet – and everything fills our hearts with wonder and joy. At Audibel, we want to help you stay connected to all those songs, performances and family get-togethers this holiday season. The holidays are for family and friends, and connecting with experiences that bring back … Read More

Common Hearing Aid Problems (and how to fix them)

Hearing aids of today are quite durable. They can withstand daily use from people with even the most active lifestyles. While resilient, modern hearing aids are also tiny machines that are packed with incredible power. Hearing aids require consistent at-home and in-office cleaning, maintenance and TLC to continue working properly. Even with proper care are maintenance, you may still experience … Read More

Introducing the Starkey Livio AI

Starkey Hearing Technologies has recently unveiled their new Livio AI – a revolution in hearing aid functionality. What makes the new Livio AI stand out is its ability to use artificial technology to track users’ brain and body health as well as its ability to translate speech from multiple languages. In addition to the new technologies, the Starkey Livio AI … Read More

Connect with Loved Ones This November for Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

We cannot believe it is already November and almost time for the holiday season! We are looking forward to gathering with our loved ones and celebrating this joyous season together. The holidays give us a particularly good excuse to connect with our friends and family through festive dinner parties, corporate holiday events and family travel. While this is all very … Read More

 “Make Listening Safe” with the World Health Organization

In recent years, the World Health Organization has expressed a growing concern over the level of loud sounds that we are exposing our ears to in the name of relaxation, socialization and fun. Whether listening to music on personal audio devices or spending time at noisy bars, concerts and sporting events, research shows that our recreational habits are increasingly putting … Read More

The “Yelp” for Noisy Restaurants

Dining out in a noisy restaurant can be a tiring and frustrating experience when you have hearing loss. Even with the help of hearing aids, having a one-on-one conversation through the thick layers of noise, background music, kitchen sounds and myriad conversations in a busy restaurant is a challenge. Fortunately, there’s a new app that can help you find the … Read More

All About Assistive Listening Devices 

Maybe it has already happened to you. You’re watching a play at the local theatre but you can’t quite hear everything the actors are saying, even though you have your hearing aid turned to the max. We know that hearing aids can go a long way towards mitigating the effects of hearing loss, but they aren’t the silver bullet we’re … Read More