Starkey’s Halo 2 is Named a Finalist for 2017 Innovation Prize at SXSW


It’s been a year since Starkey launched its Halo 2, and their groundbreaking hearing aid is still making headlines. It has just been officially named as a finalist for two noteworthy awards: the 2017 South by Southwest Interactive Innovation Award for “Wearable Tech” and the 2017 Edison Award for “Health and Wellness.” The Halo 2 also stands out at the … Read More

Safety Tips for Seniors Driving with Hearing Loss


Driving poses safety hazards at any age and in various weather conditions, but it is especially important to be vigilant as one gets older. Whether or not it is readily noticeable, bodies change over time and it can become more difficult to observe certain safety standards. For instance, it may become more challenging to turn your head to look for … Read More

New Book on Civil War History & Hearing Loss Research


New Book on Civil War History & Hearing Loss Research   Fighting in the Shadows: The Untold Story of Deaf People in the Civil War   Harry G. Lang has recently published a unique and compelling book titled “Fighting in the Shadows: The Untold Story of Deaf People in the Civil War”. The book focuses on the untold stories of people … Read More

Why Treating Hearing Loss Improves Your Relationships

Audibel – Why Treating Hearing Loss Improves Your Relationships

Healthy Communication and Healthy Relationships Healthy communication is the foundation to healthy relationships. When we can communicate with our friends and loved ones about our feelings, our needs, and discuss when feelings have been hurt, relationships end up being stronger and more transparent. What happens to relationships when you begin to experience changes in your hearing? Speech recognition, crucial to … Read More

For Athletes, a Hearing Test Could Identify Concussion


Concussions have become a well-known buzzword in the field of sports. Whether you’re the parent or grandparent of an athlete, an athlete yourself or just a lover of the New Orleans Saints, you’ve probably heard about the dangers of concussions, and the importance of proper care after concussions are endured. What makes concussions even more dangerous is their murky nature … Read More

Hidden Hearing Loss Detected in New Test


According to the World Health Organization, 360 million people worldwide experience hearing loss, so it is pretty obvious that hearing loss is fairly commonplace. Recent research indicates, however, that it may be even more common than we expect. Researchers at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine have developed a test that measures a person’s ability to binaurally (or across-ears) … Read More

Hearing Loss in the Military


Since the early 2000s, service people in the military have reported hearing loss and tinnitus upon return from combat zones in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Department of Veterans’ Affairs has annually funded research for hearing loss and tinnitus and has also provided financial support to veterans for hearing aids. While this is beneficial on the tail-end of service, what can … Read More

Worthwhile New Year’s Resolution: Schedule an Annual Hearing Test


2017 is fast approaching, which means that many of us are reflecting on the past year and thinking about what changes we’d like to make in the coming months. When making resolutions, good physical health is often the goal, sometimes requiring us to change our diet, cut out a harmful habit, or add a new exercise routine to our daily … Read More

The Best Hearing Aids of 2016


Personal hearing devices have come a long way since the bulky, analog hearing aids of years past. More than ever before, hearing aid wearers can choose from a wide variety of sophisticated devices, all brimming with advanced features and increased personalization options. This past year, the trend of ultra-convenient wearable hearing technology continued with the release of some standout new … Read More

Tips for the Holidays with Hearing Aids


The Holidays and Hearing Aids: 8 Useful Tips (and a Partridge in a Pear Tree)   It’s that time of year again, and holiday parties are just around the corner. With all of the merry-making, funny Christmas sweaters, delicious food, hot drinks…what’s not to love? These special social events also give us a chance to reconnect with friends and family, … Read More