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314 North Pine Street, DeRidder, LA, USA
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Customer Reviews

I have been with Audibel since I was 30 years old. I feel confident that they can fit me with the hearing aids that I need with the kind of hearing loss I have. They are knowledgeable about the disease I had in my heats which caused my hearing losssand I have all the confidence in the world in them. They are kind an considerate and treat me like family when I go there. Would not trust my hearing health to anyone else.

Linda Prudhomme, on Google

Great experience! I would highly recommend them. I thought something was wrong with my hearing aids because I could not hear as well as I had been hearing. I did not have an appointment but I stopped by Audibel in DeRidder to see if I needed to make an appointment to have them checked out. The young man there (I have forgotten his name) was able to see me right away. He was very friendly and made you feel at ease. I told him my problem and he looked at my hearing aids and said he would clean them first. He said he felt like they had built up some ear wax and we would try that first. He cleaned them and my problem was solved! He also asked me if I had been given a cleaning kit. I told him I had not so he gave me one and showed me how to use it. It was a very pleasant visit and everything was taken care of. A very good experience. I would recommend them to anyone that has a hearing problem. Theresa Allen

Theresa Allen, on Google

Great customer service, before and after the sale!! Every hearing specialist I have had the pleasure of dealing with has been excellent. The hearing aids are outstanding!! I never remember a time when I could hear as well as I do now. Do yourself a favor and make an appointment ASAP!!

Eric Jarrell, on Google

Had hearing aids for the past 20 some years, never in my life have I been satisfied with them or the service I received until I tried audible hearing in Deridder. I now have the perfect hearing aids and the customer service is awesome. I haven't been this satisfied in a long time. I feel like a healed deaf man.

Ronald Dotson, on Google

When I first went to Audibel Hearing in DeRidder, LA, I wasn't too impressed with the man that sold me the hearing aids. A new person, Monica took his place. I was and still am extremely satisfied with the young lady and her knowledge of the hearing aids. Monica made me feel like I was important and that my satisfaction was priority. Monica calibrated my hearing aids and cleaned them. Ever since I have gone to see her, I love my hearing aids and put them in as soon as I get up in the morning. I have recommended her to a number of my friends. So far they haven't made an appointment. They are embarrassed because they can't hear very well. I will recommend Audibel every chance I get.

Ramona Knippers, on Google